Formuler brand set-top boxes are considered the best IPTV boxes. Indeed, these boxes run on Android TV, allowing you to install all the applications available on the Play Store, including your special IPTV VPN ;). But most importantly, these decoders are perfectly optimized and specialized for IPTV subscription use. Similar to Infomir’s MAG boxes, the installation is super simple for the user. Everything is done through the MyTVOnline application.

MyTvOnline and MyTVOnline2

This application is designed and developed by the Formuler brand. It allows you to enjoy all paid channels over the internet on the brand’s TV boxes. Of course, it’s possible to install these IPTV subscriptions using the provider’s Android app, just like on other Android TV boxes. However, MyTVOnline offers features that are generally absent or less convenient in typical applications. With MyTVOnline, you can, for example:

All these features are seamlessly integrated and offer a level of ease and fluidity that is unmatched by third-party Android applications. Furthermore, MyTVOnline allows you to make the most of the technical characteristics of Formuler brand set-top boxes. As a result, the image quality is stunning. If you have a quality IPTV stream and a good TV, you’ll easily notice the difference between the ‘ordinary’ provider app and MyTVOnline!

Regarding the version 2 of the application, MyTVOnline2, it mainly brings technical improvements. It’s available on the Formuler Z8 IPTV box and upcoming Formuler IPTV boxes. This tutorial for IPTV subscription installation is valid for all versions of MyTVOnline.

Installation of the subscription on MyTVOnline

Obtaining your Formuler MAC Address

This MAC address needs to be provided to your all-channel subscription provider. It’s through this address that your device will be granted access to the provider’s IPTV servers.

To obtain this MAC address:

  1. Launch the MyTVOnline application.
  2. Go to the ‘Edit Portal’ option.
  3. You should see your MAC address, which starts with 00:1A:79:….

Once your provider has validated your MAC address, they should provide you with the URL address of their IPTV server.

Setting up the IPTV server on the Formuler Z7+ or Z8″

You are normally in the MyTvOnline application.

If it doesn’t work: either you made an input error in the address, or your provider has not yet authorized your MAC address.”

It’s also possible to use the MyTvOnline application with M3U playlists. This makes the application compatible with all IPTV providers as well as your ISP!

Once in the MyTVOnline application:

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